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What is the Bank File Transformation application?

The Bank File Transformation application is an SAP HANA utility that converts bank transaction files to the industry standard BAI2 format. It also functions as a database for bank files: it keeps records of each file it converts, and can be used to download previous files in their original or converted formats. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, so as to bridge the gap between different bank file formats quickly and painlessly.

Business Benefits


Converts bank files of various formats to a single SAP-readable format. Files can be converted simply by uploading them from a user's computer.

Format Checking
Automatically detects errors or inconsistencies in uploaded bank files. Error and warning messages are logged and can be reviewed later.

File Archiving
Archives both the converted files and the original versions in a searchable database. Files can be sorted by several criteria, and users can add comments to archived files.

Improved Organization 
When converted, files are split by day and by account. Since converted files are searchable, it's easy to retrieve transaction information for any date.

Browser Version
Google Chrome
  • Latest version
Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • 11 and higher
Mozilla Firefox
  • Extended Suport Release (ESR) and latest
Product Requirements Version
  • Revision 97
  • SPS10
Languages Supported Supported?
  • Yes

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