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What is EBS Automation?

EBS Automation improves upon the out-of-box functionality of Electronic Bank Statement, a function within SAP’s financial module for managing bank and cheque reconciliation. Your company will discover the benefits of near real-time bank reconciliation, leading to processing time savings and improved response times.

Business Benefits

Time-Saving Procedures 
Offers scalable levels of automation, up to fully "hands-off" processing. Bank clearing and journalizing happen via predefined procedures, and routine transactions can be automated where appropriate.

Enhanced Visibility
Provides a complete transaction audit trail and the ability to reconcile bank accounts on a daily basis, making it easier to monitor critical receipts and outstanding payments. This in turn improves liquidity forecasting and ensures financial reporting readiness.

Security Through Automation
Limits end-user involvement thanks to exception-based processing. Enables automated bank file downloading and segregation of duties throughout the banking process, eliminating log-on credential fraud and reducing the potential for human error.

Ease of Maintenance 
An intuitive, easy-to-follow bank reconciliation interface allows users to develop reports and maintain the system ‘in-house’, reducing your dependence on outside consultants.

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