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What is the SAP Plant Maintenance Cockpit?

The SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Cockpit provides a single point of entry for all SAP Plant Maintenance functions within the SAP ERP (ECC) system. It uses the standard SAP functionality as its backbone, but streamlines these functions to provide a much more efficient and user-friendly system process. This helps mechanics and other PM users quickly and efficiently record critical information, and runs all the required SAP transactions automatically in the background. Because this tool greatly simplifies the process and reduces system usage time, the information in the system (time spent, reason codes) is more reliable for reporting, inventory, schedule planning, and financial integration.

Business Benefits

Streamlined Screens
Enables the creation and completion of PM orders for labor recording, material movements (including warehouse management), catalog code entry, and order close.

Improved Documentation
With easier methods to document maintenance work comes an increased likelihood of consistency, resulting in better reporting capability using catalog codes.

Enforced Business Processes
Through the use of user statuses and dependencies defined in standard SAP configuration, the PM cockpit drives business process steps in a simple, button-based manner. Because these steps are dependent on the SAP design and implementation, the PM cockpit configuration can reference the company-specific details of the PM design.

Expedited SAP Transactions 
Emergency orders are commonly needed after hours and are the most susceptible to improper documentation. The cockpit provides a streamlined way of expediting SAP system transactions associated with completing the PM work order cycle.

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